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"Kristin isn't content with just getting the job done. She applies a great combination of intellectual curiosity, passion, and detail to deliver beyond expectations.


Doing a great job with integrity matters to her.


I have always enjoyed working with her, and I continue to do so as often as possible."


~ Dylan Vance, CEO Jupiter Devices

My professional relationship with Dylan began in the year 2000 when he hand-delivered a demo CD to a music club that I co-owned in Portland, Oregon. Dylan quickly became a club favorite, and even released his first solo CD there.

In 2016, I developed the investor pitch for Dylan Vance's biotech startup. Within six months he received his first round of funding. Dylan credits my work with providing the professional branding crucial to that success..

In 2003, I became Dylan's publicist.

During the next few years, Dylan and I successfully grew his local fan-base to national proportions.​

  • Television - I cross-promoted one of Dylan's national tours with the International Blues Challenge (IBC) at which he was competing. My efforts earned Dylan an on-air performance with CBS Memphis affiliate WREG, publicity for his regional gigs, and a shared interview with the producer of the IBC.

  • Radio - I secured airplay on hundreds of radio stations nationwide.

  • Print Media - Press releases I crafted were frequently published verbatim in newspapers and music magazines. My nationwide promotional campaigns garnered coverage in Blue Revue Magazine, Sing Out! Magazine and major daily and weekly papers in cities throughout the US.

  • Design - I created posters, press kits, one sheets, and CD packaging for his second solo release as well as Live at Biddy McGraw's, pictured here.

Solving communications challenges that Dylan and I faced during the dark ages of internet services, was the impetus for the development of a marketing and web design company that I co-founded. Early on, the collaborative tools Dylan and I needed drove the development of internet services provided by my company which grew to support more than 30 clients simultaneously.

Written by me:

"Griff Bear's impossibly fleet fingered, precision playing never fails to elicit hoots and hollers from the audience while he and Vance play fast and furious, spinning up the energy of the crowd until someone shouts, 'play some Hendrix!' And Vance's slide guitar wails a "Voodoo Chile" to impress even the staunchest Hendrix fan."

...published by Boise Weekly

My inspiration for the CD design was

the notable copper bar at the Irish pub

where the album was recorded.

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