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"There is no one else I would trust to tell my story."

~ Mary Goudy Porter, Native American elder, co-founder and president of Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon, and subject of Kristin's forthcoming book Faith and Outlaws.


I've provided promotional support for speaking engagements, along with graphic design and content development for collateral materials such as business cards and the brochure, pictured here. Click here or on the brochure image to view a larger, readable version.

The Book: Faith and Outlaws

I'm deeply honored to be writing the biography of Chief Joseph descendant Mary Teresa Goudy Porter, who is quite likely both the only woman, and the only non-combat vet ever to hold an office in a combat veterans motorcycle club.* She's definitely the only person in the U.S. to legally form a peyote church under the purview of pre-European contact.

Once completed, all proceeds from the sale of the book will be given to Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon.

Excerpt from Faith and Outlaws​:

This most improbable church was established in Portland, Oregon in 2014 with the wisdom and blessing of Huichol peyote distributor Mauro Morales, the help of Oregon State Senator Ron Wyden, and the legal stamp of approval by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration- the latter of which tickled, to no end, the Church Elder who, years earlier had been kidnapped, bound in barbed wire and beaten nearly to death by a DEA “informant.”


The strength of character required to find humor in one's own, government-sanctioned, attempted murder notwithstanding, pulling off this legal miracle took boundless determination, all that faith imports, and big fucking balls- the kind of balls that only grow between the legs of an outlaw biker astride a Harley known to every other outlaw biker from British Columbia to San Diego. In this case, both the balls and the Harley belonged to a five foot one inch Indian named Mary.

*Out of respect for those who appear in the book - and because I'm not stupid - any identifying information regarding any MC or member thereof, will only be shared with the express permission of those individuals and clubs being discussed. However, one exception will be made for a deceased biker who, having been allegedly reincarnated as an unusually sweet basenji that I call, "Little Jellybean," is currently working off some very serious karma under the watchful eye of a former club member and current elder of Looking Glass Peyote Church of Oregon....Mary Porter

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