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"Kristin's insight, savvy, and clear thinking have been invaluable to my marketing strategy and branding. There are few out there who really 'get it' in so many areas as Kristin."


~ Sean Flora, Owner

Sean Flora's Rock n Roll BnB


One of the more talented and respected record producers (The Shins, The Black Keys) in the Pacific Northwest, Sean Flora approached me shortly after opening The Rock n Roll B & B, a unique residential recording studio.

  • Because Sean was the product, we incorporated his name into his business brand.

  • For consistency, and because a website address cannot contain an ampersand, I advised him to change B & B to BnB. 

  • Out of affection and economy of language, Sean had begun to refer to his business as R2B2 - and it caught on. I realized that rolling R2B2 into his brand was a way to future-proof his brand because he was always going to be a producer, but might not always have a residential recording studio. After all, everybody knows the legendary NYC music club CBGB's for its iconic punk shows, and not at all for country, bluegrass and blues, which is what the acronym CBGB actually means.


I worked with Sean to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that maximized his strengths, furthered his business goals, created systems for efficiency, and provided for the flexibility required by his variable business schedule. 

I submitted his business to Portland Business Journal's annual Small Business Innovation Awards competition for the product/service of the year category, reasoning that the business was unique enough to win - which it did (read the accompanying Business Journal story here).

When Sean told me that he had been nominated for the recording studio category of Willamette Week’s “Best of Portland” issue, I immediately suggested he mount a social media campaign to inform people that if R2B2 won, he’d throw a victory pool party and invite everyone who sent him a screenshot of their vote for his studio. The campaign received tremendous attention and Sean’s studio received prominent placement in the popular yearly “Best Of Portland Guide.”

Building a legend

When the Portland affiliate of a global, underground, counterculture party promoter needed a Portland venue, I saw an opportunity to accomplish three of Sean's marketing goals with one introduction. I connected the promoters to Sean who went on to host several successful events with them, thereby increasing his visibility and revenue, while also building the legend of R2B2. Perhaps you’ve heard whispers, or vague references….

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